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Stem Cell Therapy

Monash Veterinary Clinic works in conjunction with the Monash University’s stem cell laboratories to carry out stem cell treatments in dogs and cats. The cells used are adult stem cells derived from the fat of donor patients.

Research into the use of stem cells in dogs and cats is progressing rapidly.

Currently we are not able to “regrow” tissues such as liver and cartilage.

The principle use has been found to be in the treatment of arthritic dogs. The stem cells in these dogs have a potent anti-inflammatory effect and a positive effect on the health of the tissues in the joints.

Dogs with only 1-2 affected joints will have the cells injected directly into these joints.

The dogs are given a light anaesthetic to perform this procedure. 

Dogs with more than 2 joints affected and those with collapsed spinal disks and spinal degeneration are treated with a bolus dose of cells intravenously. These patients have an intravenous catheter placed and the cells are administered over a 20-30 minute period in a drip line.

Cats with polyarthritis are treated with intravenous cells.

Areas of research are currently focusing on using the stem cells in dogs with chronic heart failure and skin allergies, and in cats with chronic kidney failure.