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Hip Dysplasia

Monash Veterinary Clinic has been a leader in the field of hip dysplasia for 35 years. We are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of hip dysplasia.

Monash Veterinary Clinic has state of the art digital X-ray machines. This allows us to produce very high quality hip dysplasia radiographs. We guarantee our radiographs and will repeat any of insufficient quality to satisfy the readers.

We use short acting anaesthesia so most dogs can be radiographed "while you wait".

Standard AVA, OFA and PennHIP views can be taken.

On site interpretations are given as to whether hips are good, fair or borderline.

We are able to provide the very latest in genetic advice for your breeding programs.

PennHIP radiographs provide breeders with very accurate information about the genetic status of their dog's hips.

PennHIP radiographs provide pet owners with the best method of assessing whether their pets will develop hip arthritis.

Our hip arthritis treatment regime involves the use of anti-inflammatory medications, Pentosan injections, acupuncture, trigger point therapy, chiropractic therapy, nutritional and natural remedies, physiotherapy, magnetic field therapy, and stem cell treatments.

Elbow OCD

Monash Veterinary Clinic produces high quality elbow radiographs for interpretation either on site or by the AVA elbow schemes.

Breeding advice for elbow OCD is provided. Website created and maintained

OCD surgery is successfully performed where needed. 

In chronic cases aggressive medical therapy, physiotherapy and stem cell therapy is used to treat the elbows.